Free Social Fitness Scan

Discover how Social Fit your company or team is!

What is the Social Fitness scan for?

The scan looks at interaction and collaboration in teams or departments. How are things like communication, atmosphere, trust, cohesion, and social safety?

The scan contains 15 statements. With the sliders, you can indicate how you think things are within the group for which you are doing the scan.

  • It is important that the scan gives the best possible picture. Do not focus your answers on exceptions or incidents. Indicate your perception of the situation within the group. Are there major differences within the group? Then score what you mostly see.
  • There are no socially desirable or undesirable answers. Just score what you think for each statement. The outcomes reflect your view of the group. The report with the outcome will be emailed only to you.
  • Of course, you can also encourage colleagues to do the Scan!

What does it yield?

Based on your image, the scan provides you with a thematically-organized report that shows you the state of interaction and cooperation in five essential Social Fitness areas.

The report is a useful tool to tackle things instead of leaving them lying around. If desired, Darwin on the Job can help you with that.

You can start now!